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Traditionally Crazy!

Lot of Manual Effort –

  • Calls, Mails, Follow-ups with vendors
  • Totally Fragmented Processes of finding / selecting vendors
  • Lack of Authenticity & mostly Biased vendor selection

Least to say – 10% spend pilferage


India, Furthermore Crazy

One of the Most Unorganized Markets –

  • Lack of Consolidators
    Business Credits
  • Huge SME presence but NO feasible connect between Demand & Supply
  • Mostly Local Vendor Play – Product Counterfeit, Imbalanced Pricing
  • Under the Table & Spend Pilferage – Stands among the Top 10

Solution by DealBerg-

for Better Procurement Practice

Technology to Overpower the Problems –

  • Transparent Transactions
  • Spend Visibility – Better Control
  • More Balanced Pricing & Product Standardization
  • ZERO Spend Pilferage – 10% Pilferage Eliminated

How India supports our Solution?

The Nation’s evolution

Tech / E-Commerce – E-Commerce Evolution in India attains a Great Connect with SMEs / Large Enterprise across corners, Digitally Supply Chain – Leaders have evolved in the Supply Chain space makes it the Best Time to change the traditional Procurement practices Business Credit – The evolution in Fintech makes it easy for Procurement Technological Advancements and Integration among the above three is what we have witnessed in India since last 5 years and this is the RIGHT TIME to extend services to the Procurement Function

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